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  • I have been plagued with what is commonly called trigger finger. Being a musician this had caused me to stop playing. After talking to friends and hearing the home remedies I heard that a specialist could possibly fix my finger. So I started reading about my symptom and ran across the Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic. With little effort I came upon the bio of Dr. Callahan at the clinic and read about his background and area of treatment. 

    So I called BCBS to verify that they were on our coverage and after a few minutes we were both looking at the same page online and it was Dr. Callahan. So I called and made an appointment.
    My first visit was better than I could have ever expected. We were greeted in a courteous manner and quickly called back. Dr. Callahan met with my wife and I and he explained that my problem could be resolved in one or two treatments. They gathered their materials and we were out in no time.

    The next morning I woke up and instantly could tell that the procedure had worked. I grabbed a Mandolin and was able to play. Life is good again.

    I had the second procedure yesterday and now my finger feels better than before.

    Thank you Dr. Callahan for restoring my ability to play music again. I am forever grateful.

    Mike B,
  • Dr. Callahan is the best most knowledgeable surgeon I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is very thorough and personable. His knowledge of his specialty is remarkable.

    The nurses and staff are very professional and friendly and go out of their way to make you comfortable. I would recommend him for anyone looking for the best hand, wrist or arm surgeon. He is the best around.

    Kim I.,